About Us


The Tucson Rodeo Committee is a nonprofit organization governed by 35 volunteer board members. The Committee's mission is to produce a quality, professional rodeo event, La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros, and perpetuate the tradition and cultural heritage of our community. The Committee began as a working committee under the Metropolitan Tucson Chamber of Commerce. In April 1987, the Committee formed a separate nonprofit corporation in order to meet the growing demands of staging this major event.

Jose Calderon

Jose Calderon is the presiding Chairman, a voluntary position. Calderon began as a Tucson Rodeo volunteer in 2007 and was elected to the board of directors in 2008. Calderon was elected chairman in June 2016. Only 21 individuals have had the distinction of chairing the Committee since 1925.

Gary Williams

In 1995 the Tucson Rodeo Committee named Gary Williams its first General Manager. Williams is a former professional bull rider and clown, University of Arizona graduate and former executive at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Williams became an active member in 1987 and served as chairman from 1994-1995.


The Committee works year-round preparing for the annual La Fiesta de los Vaqueros by helping the City of Tucson maintain the Tucson Rodeo Grounds, preparing marketing and operational plans, and promoting the Tucson Rodeo and the sport of rodeo. The Tucson Rodeo is a popular event for Arizonans and visitors from the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe.

The first La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (Celebration of the Cowboys) in 1925 touted three days of events and competition. Today, the event has grown to a nine-day celebration centered on the Tucson Rodeo, one of the top 25 professional rodeos in North America.

The Tucson Rodeo enlists contestants from the United States and Canada. The Tucson Rodeo, the first major outdoor event on the PRCA schedule, gives visitors an opportunity to see real-life cowboys and cowgirls display their ability in the only sport in the world developed from work skills.

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